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Strays Clearing House and the National Strays Index

If you have found a stray to add to the collection please POST the information.
To look at the listed strays please SEARCH the database.

A stray relates to any record about an individual found away from their place of birth or residence. For example Franck JAUNAY of Reims in France is in the 1871 UK census visiting Liverpool. In fact Franck could be deemed a stray thoughout his life as he was born in Londonderry IRL but lived in Reims CHA and Adelaide SA.

Many people in the Australasian region may find such a listing useful in crossing the emigration barrier as many shipping and other records fail to reveal from where our European ancestors originated!

Persons locating such a record are encouraged to submit the details. This listing will only succeed when it contains a very large number of entries!

Using the place of birth as a determinant of where to record the stray may be considered inappropriate by some, as many individuals spend the bulk of their lives away from their birth place and indeed may live in several localities. Thus to determine a stray for the purposes of this listing, the entry merely has to indicate that the person concerned is in a place that is not their birth place or place of residence.

It would seem that the practice of appointing Strays Coordinators is not wide-spread in Australasia unlike the UK and in 2002 AFFHO resolved to take on a role by establishing this site.

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